The Guide to the Atlanta Fashion Tech Startup Community

Atlanta is a hub for many things, from huge brands (The Home Depot, Coca Cola) to marketing startups (InsightPool, SalesFusion) to social behemoths (YikYak) to music (OUTKAST!).  With all the building passion around startups and tech, one vertical within the startup sphere that's growing leaps and bounds is the realm of FashionTech.

In the last several years, many promising startups have risen up with the goal to innovate both apparel products and the way shoppers find and engage with those products.  Since you're on our site, you're probably familiar with Fittery - the destination to help shoppers find clothing that fits them perfectly using big data solutions - but there are other startups here in the ATL changing the FashionTech game and growing the Atlanta community.  Please contact me if you have any others to add to the list!



ATL Fashion Tech Collective was founded by Atlantan Okey Nwoke, whose experience in fashion, modeling and the technical world makes him uniquely qualified to spearhead this movement. He lives to bring together the Atlanta fashion & technology community.  The Collective's mission: to encourage collaboration, promotion, and innovative partnerships in design, retail, brand awareness, and social engagement.  With membership growing and a slate of events hosted around town, the Collective is helping raise awareness and forge partnerships within the Atlanta FashionTech world.



reKindness is a fashion tech startup for swapping instead of shopping. reKindness makes it easy and fun to give away clothes you don't wear to get clothes you will wear. It was inspired by an in-person "take as many items as you bring" clothes swap (or swish as it's called in the UK). You give away clothes by putting them in the virtual "community closet" and, in return, take items out of the community closet. Their beta kicks off this month via a private launch; get early access at


Not just a freezing exclamation anymore, Brrr! is a company founded by former Spanx executives Mary-Cathryn Kolb and Tosha Hays.  Brrr! is dedicated to crafting garments designed to stay cool.  Their plan is to license their synthetic fabric blend as well as sell products directly to consumers through their site.  So far, their products include scarves, clutches, and more.


We founded Fittery trying to solve one major problem: shopping online was much harder than it should be, primarily because evaluating fit was so difficult.  Fit is the #1 reason for items being returned, resulting in billions in lost sales for brands.  Plus, it's a major issue for shoppers who want the convenience of online shopping without the hassle.  

Our vision:  a world where you never have to step foot inside a dressing room again and get clothes delivered to you that fit perfectly.  Every time.



Stephen Moore founded PressBox to make laundry less of a chore.  By focusing on easing the barrier for Atlantans to get dry cleaning - through drop-off lockers, home pickup & delivery, public store locations, and building concierge services - they're making it easy to get laundry out of your hair, 24/7.


Jennifer Bleumling and Kathryn Ewing founded Borrowed by Design after facing an age-old do you get great-looking formal wear on a budget?  Their idea:  Borrowed by Design, an online community for women to lend and borrow dresses from each other, while making it easy for women to make money off dresses they have in their closets.  They're tapping into the sharing economy, angled towards clothing.


Awesome Socks Delivered Monthly.  Sounds pretty good, right?  Sock Fancy is jumping on the subscription train with their sock subscription services.  With four types of subscriptions - Kids, Monthly, Gift, and Bulk - you're sure to get your sock fix.  And up that #sockgame.


Serial Atlanta entrepreneur and investor KP Redding is heading up a revolution in textile manufacturing: a robotic revolution.  SoftWear Automation is leading us into the SkyNet future, where robots - like their LOWRY - combine with their proprietary ThreadVision system to sew at high levels of precision and accuracy.  They also recently received a grant from Walmart Foundation to continue to build out their offerings.


Company founder Chip Hawkins started Wahoo Fitness four years ago when he was frustrated he couldn’t get the data from his bike’s sensors onto his smartphone.  That initial frustration - as they say, solve a problem that you know - led to the creation of Wahoo Fitness, a fitness wearable company who has their line of fitness trackers in Apple stores, Best Buy, and many others.  Their line includes bike trainers, heart monitors, and more.


Sisters Jen & Annie Shu are seeking to ease the tension for shoppers who can't find things they like when browsing in stores or who don't have time to shop for themselves through Cypress & 5th, a subscription based personal shopper service for women.  They allow shoppers to view a personalized "virtual closet" full of recommendations matching their personal style, differentiating them from Stitch Fix, their primary competitor.

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