Atlanta-based fashion-tech startup, reKindness, refashions the sharing economy

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The most affordable, fun and easy way to solve the “closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear” problem is now available via private beta

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Swapping clothes can help reduce the 21 billion pounds of textiles that are sent to US landfills every year -Melanie Kovach, Founder

Having a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear is a common complaint among women. reKindness has turned that problem into an opportunity…an opportunity to try out new styles in exchange for those clothes that no longer fit and/or no longer get worn. reKindness is a fun, easy and affordable way for women to get clothes they will wear by giving away the clothes they don’t wear. It's an online community with a platform that makes swapping clothes hassle-free while creating more giving, gratitude and generosity in the world.

reKindness officially launched private beta January 4, 2016 by providing early access to their private site to select pre-registered members. Within the first hour that early access to the beta site began, members started swapping. "I love reKindness!!!!!! I received my Beta information today and already swapped; it’s so user friendly and just incredibly awesome! What a brilliant idea and I’m so glad I’m a part of it!" wrote Stacie, a reKindness beta member. Via the reKindness Community Closet, members swap instead of shop the latest fashion and accessories. The reKindness Community Closet already includes 1000+ dresses, jeans, jackets, purses and accessories. 

reKindness delightfully disrupts the peer to peer ecommerce model by eliminating the two biggest painpoints of these types of online transactions; negotiating and visiting the post office. Their unique credit system eliminates the need for members to negotiate; members simply give and take from the Community Closet; paying only shipping and handling. And, they’ve negated the need for inconvenient trips to the post office by elegantly integrating USPS priority mail service with doorstep pickup and delivery. By harmonizing the social and financial benefits of the sharing economy with next generation technology, reKindness has drastically improved and simplified how a crowdsourced, two-sided marketplace works. 

The reKindness team partnered with web design agency Black Bear Design to create the platform, with a focus on making redistribution and reuse easier. "We strive to a be a social enterprise by making a positive impact in the communities we serve and on the planet that so generously serves us. Swapping isn’t just good for the wallet, it’s good for the Earth. Swapping clothes can help reduce the 21 billion pounds of textiles that are sent to US landfills every year." says Melanie Kovach, Founder of reKindness. 

To request early access and receive a link to the private beta site, enter your email address at

reKindness makes it easy and fun to get what you want by giving away what you don’t want. Request early access #sustainablefashion #beta #communitycloset


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