About Us

We created reKindness as a way to wear and then share; an environmentally conscious and socially responsible way to affordably try out new styles frequently.

Our sustainable fashion tech startup is focused on making reuse and redistribution easier and more fun. Social media has made it less desirable to be seen wearing the same thing twice- reKindness enables members to regularly refresh their wardrobes while still being kind to the planet and kind to their wallets.

Inspired by a "give one, take one" clothes swap--- we are digitally connecting members closets to create a community closet where members can take from and pay nothing more than shipping and handling. As a result, our members have access to a nearly endless inventory of items they can wear without having to buy new clothes.

reKindness is a social enterprise. Our mission is to:

  • provide an easy way to repurpose unneeded clothing 
  • recirculate goods affordably to those who need/will use them
  • reduce the 21 billion pounds of textiles sent to US landfills every year
  • support the communities in which we operate

reKindness is based in Atlanta, GA and was founded in 2015 by a team of former AutoTrader.com executives…leveraging what they learned connecting buyers and sellers in the largest automotive marketplace to create a community of forward-thinking and environmentally-conscious fashionistas. 

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