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Trending: ReKindness, Hubbub Creating Circular Model for Clothes Through Swapping, Upcycling

There are new options for Americans and Brits alike who want to “re-fashion” their wardrobes. ReKindness is an Atlanta, Georgia-based startup that is allowing members to swap clothes through its online platform. On the other side of the pond, environmental charity Hubbub is running events to help people learn how to repair and upcycle clothesand accessories, in addition to “clothes swapping boutiques.”

The ReKindness Community Closet officially launched earlier this month for pre-registered beta members, and already has over 1000 dresses, jeans, jackets, purses and accessories. Members upload photos of an item they are willing to give away and choose a credit value based on a scale of 1 to 5, from inexpensive to a “super premium” brand. Another member can choose the item and will pay for the shipping to have the item sent to them. The item donor will then receive community credits to “spend” on any item in the community closet, paying only the shipping and a small handling fee to keep the ReKindness site up and running.

ReKindness claims that the platform eliminates the two biggest painpoints of these types of transactions: negotiating and visiting the post office. The credit system replaces negotiation, since members only pay for shipping and handling. They have also integrated USPS priority mail service with doorstep pickup and delivery, removing the need for inconvenient trips to the post office.

“We strive to be a social enterprise by making a positive impact in the communities we serve and on the planet that so generously serves us,” said Melanie Kovach, Founder of reKindness. “Swapping isn’t just good for the wallet, it’s good for the Earth. Swapping clothes can help reduce the 21 billion pounds of textiles that are sent to US landfills every year.”

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